Sunday, February 19, 2006

regular election 11/07/06

AZ Leonard Clark a Iraq war vet (D) Primary vote 9/12/06

CT Ned Lamont Joe help kill the Alito fillbuster. Time for Joe Lieberman to go vote for Ned.Primary 08/08/06

HI Congressman Ed Case time to hold Daniel Akaka accountable for killing the Alito Fillbuster Primary 9/23/06

MA relect Ted Kennedy reelect one of the best senators. He may not be perfect but at least he has backbone for the people which is one thing the democrats need. No Primary

MD Kwiesi Mfume this the president of the NAACP that is like having an extension of the black caucus in the senate. I know we have Barrak Obama already but I am not a big fan of him. Also Congressman Cardin wants this seat too but he voted for the reauthorized patriot act. No more republicrats in the senate so say no to Cardin!! primary 9/12/06

ME Jean Hay Bright She has a good opinion on the iraq warPrimary 6/13/06

MN Ford Bell He is against the iraq war tooprimary 9/12/06

MS Eric Fleming lets get rid of the racsit Trent lottPrimary 6/06/06

NV Jack Carter This is Jimmy Carter's son he has my vote.Primary 8/25/06

NY Steve Greenfield A former green and it is time for the queen of the republicrats to go Hillary Clinton.Primary 09/12/06

RI Carl Sheeler This guy has a billboard the reads "be patriotic impeach bush." I would vote for this guy.Primary 9/12/06

TN Rosiland Kurita This woman was a nurse and is now state senator. Primary 8/03/06

UT Peat Ashdown A democrat running for the senate in one of the most conservative states in the country. This guy needs support like a desert man needs water. primary 09/12/06

VA James Webb this guy was Reagon's naval secatary and he is running as a democrat against one of the most popular republican senators good luck. primary 06/13/06

WA Mark Wilson A former green and he wants to repeal the patriot act. Time to hold Maria Cantwell for her CAFTA vote and killing the Alito Fillbuster. Also Ralph Nader actual told Washington state to vote for Maria and he says he is a liberal, yeah right. Primary 9/19/06

WY Dale Groutage is the only democrat running in this state so far primary 8/22/06 just in case


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