Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the rest of Ohio races

Primary May 2
10 There is a democrat challenging the best congressman of Ohio Dennis Kucinnich
Barbara Anne Ferris, I smell a Dino. How can you be more liberal than Dennis Kucinnich? How can you be better for congress than Dennis? You can't. That is why you won't win. I don't even have to look at her website. She has to be a fake democrat.

11 district Stephanie Tubb Jones
the best congress woman in Ohio is up for reelection

12 district Patrick Tiberi is being challenged by one democrat
Nick Singh

13 district This open seat has three democrats running for it
John Wolfe a fighting dem

Betty Sue Sutton
I think this woman is the DLC choice. I say this because this woman was on the Democratic congress website but John Wolfe was not. I hate the DLC. They call themselves the democratic leadership committee, I call them the dumcratic losership committee.

Thomas Sawyer
no website at the moment

14 Steven LaTourette (R) is being challenged by two democrats
Lewis Katz

Palmer Peterson

15 Deborah Pryce (R) is being challenge two democrats
Mark Losey

Mary Jo Kilroy, I hope she is not related to the republican attorney general and former governor candiate of Virginia.

16 Ralph Regula (R) is being challenged by one democrat
Jeff Seemann

17 Tim Ryan (D) is running for reelection and is not being opposed yet. Then again he sometimes votes with the republicans.

18 Bob Ney (R) the most corrupt congressman in Ohio is being challenged by 4 democrats
Joe Sulzer a fighting dem

Jeff Woodlard

Zachary Space

Jennifer Stewart

Read all about Ney's corruptions at which is the 13 most corrupt members of the legistative branch. only 2 are democrats. Well, now it is 12 since Cunningham has resigned.


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