Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I hate dems that can't fillibuster

19 dems killed a fillbuster on Sam Alito. One dem didn't even vote. On this latest fillbuster attempt on the patriot 14 opposed it and one dem didn't vote. It is vote 23 of thi session.
Alito traitorcrats

republicrat failure on Alito
1/Akaka (HI)
2/Baucus (Mt)
3/Bingaman (NM)
4/Byrd (WV)
5/Cantwell (WA)
6/Carper (DE)
7/Conrad (ND)
8/Dorgan (ND)
9/Inouye (HI)
10/Johnson (SD)
11/Kohl (WI)
12/Landrieu (LA)
13/Lieberman (CT)
14/Lincoln (AR)
15/Nelson (FL)
16/Nelson (NE)
17/Pryror (AR)
18/Rockfeller (WV)
19/Salazar (CO)
Harkin (IA) did even vote which is more cowardly

patriot act filibuster
1/Biden (DE) you will never be president now
2/Carper (DE) figures
3/Clinton (NY) I will be shocked if you get past your senate primary after this you republicrat bitch. You can forget about your dream to be the first woman president too. Boxer is more of a woman than you will ever be Hillary
4/Conrad (ND) not surprised
5/Feinstein (CA) I guess you got rid of your backbone after Cindy Sheehan siad she wouldn't run for senate. Bitch ( I mean Diane not Cindy) However, Todd Chretien is a green party candiate against her and Cindy supports him. I know what I said about greens and all but it is a better alternative to this republicrat. http://www.todd4senate.org
6/Johnson (SD) again no suprise
7/Kohl (WI) again no suprise look at http://www.voterae.org/ Rae Vogeler another green better vote than this republicrat
8/Landrieu (LA) Ah the turn coat of Louisiana.... republicrat bitch
9/Lincoln (AR) the republicrat bitch
10/Nelson (FL) Maybe you should lose you seat to the witch of florida Katherine Harris
11/Nelson (NE) This guy is worse than Lieberman
12/Pryor (AR) Both senators of Arkansas suck
13/Rockefeller (WV) a disgrace to his family name
14/Schumer (NY) both senators of NY suck . First he shows disrespect for the uniform by kicking Paul Hackett out of the Ohio Senate race and now this vote on the patriot act fillibuster. This guy is talking about how he is against U.A.E. running our ports because this makes our country less secure. Hey Chuck the PATRIOT ACT IS JUST AS BAD AS U.A.E.!!!
15/Inouye (HI) finally the centrist of Hawaii. He didn't even vote on this. You coward!!!

Can you believe Salazar, Akaka, Baucus, Bingaham, Dorgan, showed more backbone than the above 15.? These 5 centrists voted for the fililbuster. Hell even Lieberman showed more backbone, who is number 6th centrist supporting this fillibuster and he has next to nothing for backbone. The first fillibuster on the patriot act worked because some republicans supported it. At least Fiengold has more support than the last vote on this fascist legisation.


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