Friday, April 14, 2006

Kurita Dropped out

Tenn State senator Rosiland Kurita dropped out of the Tenn senate race after Former VA Gov mark Warner endorsed Congressman Harold Ford for senate. Did Mark do this because Ford was the better democrat? NO of course not. I have said it before. Kurita was the better democrat but like Paul Hackett we can't have someone with backbone. OH congressman Sherrod Brown is not a Dino but is selfish and has no respect for the us Military. If he did have respect he would let Paul Hackett run. Harold is a dino. A fake democrat if I ever saw one. I have said what is wrong about his voting record before. He voted for the bankruptcy bill and the patriot act renewal. Mark is just kissing up to the DLC to get the democratic nomination for 08 President by helping their pick for Tenn Senate. I actually liked him. Emphasis on the word liked. Past tense. Not anymore. I am purely Fiengold now for President. I thought the democratic party was the party of the people the Dumacratic Losership Committee party. I hope they don't do this again somewhere else but I wouldn't be suprised if they do.


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