Monday, August 20, 2007

Here is a classic clip
George Galloyway, member of the birtish parliament, kicking ass in the senate.

Dennis Hasert is leaving congress!!

Former Speaker of the house, IL congressman Dennis Hasert (R) is leaving Congress at the end of his term. Good news for John Laesch and good riddance to Dennis Hasert

Sunday, August 19, 2007

best website for 9/11 and other conspiracy truths

Monday, August 13, 2007

Randi Scheurer for congress

Congresswoman Melissa Bean (IL-8 D) is being challenged by Randi Scheurer in the democratic primary.
Bean is Lieberman in a dress.

The impeachment of Gonzo

These links for impeachmen of Alberto Gonzales


latest on impeachment

4 more names for cheney impeachment and there is now articles of imoeachment on Gonzo. Gee whats the point of impeaching Gonzo when you are making the wiretapping program legal!!
Any way here is the link to the Cheney impeachment co-sponsors

1/Rep Baldwin, Tammy [WI-2] - 8/1/2007
2/Rep Cohen, Steve [TN-9] - 8/4/2007
3/Rep Jackson-Lee, Sheila [TX-18] - 8/4/2007
4/Rep Payne, Donald M. [NJ-10] - 8/1/2007

Monday, August 06, 2007

The house vote on the Fisa Betrayal
41 in the House
1/Altmire (PA)
2/Barrow (GA)
3/Bean (IL)
4/Boren (OK)
5/Boswell (IA)
6/Boyd (FL)
7/Carney (PA) Fighting Dem my ass
8/Chandler (KY)
9/Cooper (TN)
10/Costa (CA)
11/Cramer (AL)
12/Cuellar (TX)
13/Davis (AL)
14/Davis (TN)
15/Donnelly (IN)
16/Edwards (TX)
17/Ellsworth (IN)
18/Etheridge (NC)
19/Gordon (TN)
20/Herseth-Sandlin (SD)
22/Higgins (NY)
22/Hill (IN)
23/Lampson (TX)
24/Lipinski (IL)
25/Marshall (GA)
26/Matheson (UT)
27/McIntyre (NC)
28/Melancon (LA)
29/Mitchell (AZ)
30/Peterson (MN)
31/Pomeroy (ND)
32/Rodriguez (TX)
33/Ross (AR)
34/Salazar (CO)
35/Shuler (NC)
36/Snyder (AR)
37/Space (OH)
38/Tanner (TN)
39/Taylor (MS)
40/Walz (MN) Fighting dem my ass
41/Wilson (OH)

FISA Betrayal act as I call it

Democrats betrayed us again by giving Bush more power to wire tap and now Gonzo has all of the authority. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

In the senate the traitors are
Bayh (IN)
Carper (DE)
Casey (PA)
Conrad (ND)
Fienstein (CA) Bitch
Inouye (HI)
Klobuchar (MN) Bitch
Landreiu (LA) Bitch
Lincoln (AR) Bitch
McCaskill (MO) Bitch
Mikulski (MD) Bitch
Nelson (NE)
Nelson (FL)
Pryror (AR)
Salazar (CO)
Webb (VA) He betrayed everything his son fought for in Iraq.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

co-sponsors of HR 333 iinpeachment of cheney

COSPONSORS(14), ALPHABETICAL [followed by Cosponsors withdrawn]: (Sort: by date)
Rep Brady, Robert A. [PA-1] - 7/24/2007
Rep Clarke, Yvette D. [NY-11] - 6/6/2007
Rep Clay, Wm. Lacy [MO-1] - 5/1/2007
Rep Ellison, Keith [MN-5] - 6/28/2007
Rep Farr, Sam [CA-17] - 7/12/2007
Rep Filner, Bob [CA-51] - 7/12/2007
Rep Johnson, Henry C. "Hank," Jr. [GA-4] - 6/28/2007 (Mckinney's replacement)
Rep Lee, Barbara [CA-9] - 6/7/2007
Rep McDermott, Jim [WA-7] - 7/10/2007
Rep Moran, James P. [VA-8] - 7/10/2007
Rep Schakowsky, Janice D. [IL-9] - 5/1/2007
Rep Waters, Maxine [CA-35] - 6/12/2007
Rep Woolsey, Lynn C. [CA-6] - 6/7/2007
Rep Wynn, Albert Russell [MD-4] - 5/10/2007 (This guy is a Dino and only supports it because he is being challenged by a liberal democrat, Donna Edwards)

Rep Jay Inslee wants to impeach Gonzo

Rep Jay Inslee wants investigation that could lead to impeaching Alberto Gonzales. Way to go Inslee. Why aren't you supporting HR 333, articles of impeaching Cheney?