Tuesday, April 18, 2006

West Virginia Races

Sen. Robert Byrd (D) another Dino who carries the constitution in his pocket. He is one of the oldest senators. I think he is 88 years old. If he gets reelected he will die befor the end of his term
Billy Hendricks, Jr. is a primary challenger

Republican challengers

Paul J. Brown

Zane Rene Lawhorn

Hiram Carson "Bucky" Lewis, IV
This guy is a Iraq War vet. Maybe he should talk to the members of IWVAW or Iraq war veterans against the war.

John Reeves Raese

Charles G. "Bud" Railey

Richard Ray "Rick" Snuffer

The difference between Byrd and the republicans is that they would have voted for the Iraq war. He didn't. At least he made a few smart decisions. This guy actually voted for Sam Alito confirmation to supreme court. He carries the constitution in his pocket and did that? Senile idiot.

District 1
Congressman Alan Mollohan (D) vs Rick Snuffer http://www.ricksnuffer.com/

District 2
Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R) vs Mike O. Callaghan (D)

District 3
Democratic Primary vs Republican Primary


Nick J. Rahall II

Tom Easterly


Kim Wolfe

Gary Martin Gearheart

May 9 is the primary

Nebraska races 06

David Hahn for Governor (D) Vs a republican Primary and there is a republican govenor running for reelection. What is the point for a primary?
Gov. Dave Heineman

Tom Osborne

Dave Nabity

Ben Nelson (D) the D here stands for DINO. Oh man is he a Dino. He has a worse voting record than Lieberman. It is a dam shame that he has no real liberal oppostion in his primary. Where is the Ned Lamont of Nebraska when you need him? I HATE THIS SENATOR.
He is a republican in Democratic clothing. I honestly don't care who wins this race.


Republican Primary

David Joseph Kramer

J. Peter "Pete" Ricketts

Donald B. "Don" Stenberg

How is it any different to have one of these three as senator as compared to Ben Nelson? Not much at all. Here is where Nader tells the truth about Dems and Republicans being the same or Dinos and republicans being the same.


District 1
Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R) vs Maxine Moul (D)

District 2
Congressman Lee Terry (R) vs Jim Esch (D)

District 3
Congressman Tom Osborne (R) vs Scott Kleeb (D)

Primary is May 9

Friday, April 14, 2006

Kurita Dropped out

Tenn State senator Rosiland Kurita dropped out of the Tenn senate race after Former VA Gov mark Warner endorsed Congressman Harold Ford for senate. Did Mark do this because Ford was the better democrat? NO of course not. I have said it before. Kurita was the better democrat but like Paul Hackett we can't have someone with backbone. OH congressman Sherrod Brown is not a Dino but is selfish and has no respect for the us Military. If he did have respect he would let Paul Hackett run. Harold is a dino. A fake democrat if I ever saw one. I have said what is wrong about his voting record before. He voted for the bankruptcy bill and the patriot act renewal. Mark is just kissing up to the DLC to get the democratic nomination for 08 President by helping their pick for Tenn Senate. I actually liked him. Emphasis on the word liked. Past tense. Not anymore. I am purely Fiengold now for President. I thought the democratic party was the party of the people the Dumacratic Losership Committee party. I hope they don't do this again somewhere else but I wouldn't be suprised if they do.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Arkansas 3rd district

Congressman John Boozman (R) vs Norman "Bill" Williams
no website for this democrat so I made some space for him here

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the next races

Nebraska and West Virginia will be next. This is coming soon.

the rest of Ohio races

Primary May 2
10 There is a democrat challenging the best congressman of Ohio Dennis Kucinnich
Barbara Anne Ferris, I smell a Dino. How can you be more liberal than Dennis Kucinnich? How can you be better for congress than Dennis? You can't. That is why you won't win. I don't even have to look at her website. She has to be a fake democrat.

11 district Stephanie Tubb Jones
the best congress woman in Ohio is up for reelection

12 district Patrick Tiberi is being challenged by one democrat
Nick Singh

13 district This open seat has three democrats running for it
John Wolfe a fighting dem

Betty Sue Sutton
I think this woman is the DLC choice. I say this because this woman was on the Democratic congress website but John Wolfe was not. I hate the DLC. They call themselves the democratic leadership committee, I call them the dumcratic losership committee.

Thomas Sawyer
no website at the moment

14 Steven LaTourette (R) is being challenged by two democrats
Lewis Katz

Palmer Peterson

15 Deborah Pryce (R) is being challenge two democrats
Mark Losey

Mary Jo Kilroy, I hope she is not related to the republican attorney general and former governor candiate of Virginia.

16 Ralph Regula (R) is being challenged by one democrat
Jeff Seemann

17 Tim Ryan (D) is running for reelection and is not being opposed yet. Then again he sometimes votes with the republicans.

18 Bob Ney (R) the most corrupt congressman in Ohio is being challenged by 4 democrats
Joe Sulzer a fighting dem

Jeff Woodlard

Zachary Space

Jennifer Stewart

Read all about Ney's corruptions at http://www.beyonddelay.org which is the 13 most corrupt members of the legistative branch. only 2 are democrats. Well, now it is 12 since Cunningham has resigned.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

tom delay's resignation

Horray!! The hammer is gone. Bye bye to one of the biggest bullies in the republican party. He should just plead guilty like former congressman Cunningham. But this guy would rather lie and blame the liberals rather than take responsiblity for his criminality.
Good luck to his opponent Nick lampson