Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Nebraska races 06

David Hahn for Governor (D) Vs a republican Primary and there is a republican govenor running for reelection. What is the point for a primary?
Gov. Dave Heineman

Tom Osborne

Dave Nabity

Ben Nelson (D) the D here stands for DINO. Oh man is he a Dino. He has a worse voting record than Lieberman. It is a dam shame that he has no real liberal oppostion in his primary. Where is the Ned Lamont of Nebraska when you need him? I HATE THIS SENATOR.
He is a republican in Democratic clothing. I honestly don't care who wins this race.


Republican Primary

David Joseph Kramer

J. Peter "Pete" Ricketts

Donald B. "Don" Stenberg

How is it any different to have one of these three as senator as compared to Ben Nelson? Not much at all. Here is where Nader tells the truth about Dems and Republicans being the same or Dinos and republicans being the same.


District 1
Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R) vs Maxine Moul (D)

District 2
Congressman Lee Terry (R) vs Jim Esch (D)

District 3
Congressman Tom Osborne (R) vs Scott Kleeb (D)

Primary is May 9


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