Tuesday, April 18, 2006

West Virginia Races

Sen. Robert Byrd (D) another Dino who carries the constitution in his pocket. He is one of the oldest senators. I think he is 88 years old. If he gets reelected he will die befor the end of his term
Billy Hendricks, Jr. is a primary challenger

Republican challengers

Paul J. Brown

Zane Rene Lawhorn

Hiram Carson "Bucky" Lewis, IV
This guy is a Iraq War vet. Maybe he should talk to the members of IWVAW or Iraq war veterans against the war.

John Reeves Raese

Charles G. "Bud" Railey

Richard Ray "Rick" Snuffer

The difference between Byrd and the republicans is that they would have voted for the Iraq war. He didn't. At least he made a few smart decisions. This guy actually voted for Sam Alito confirmation to supreme court. He carries the constitution in his pocket and did that? Senile idiot.

District 1
Congressman Alan Mollohan (D) vs Rick Snuffer http://www.ricksnuffer.com/

District 2
Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R) vs Mike O. Callaghan (D)

District 3
Democratic Primary vs Republican Primary


Nick J. Rahall II

Tom Easterly


Kim Wolfe

Gary Martin Gearheart

May 9 is the primary


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