Sunday, March 05, 2006

About patriot act suporting democrats

These democrats are as weak as paper. I am so angry at all of them for not supporting Fiengold. Especially the ones that I hold at very high standards. These democrats would be ones that have shown much backbone. Boxer (CA), Kennedy, Kerry (both are MA), Ried (NV) (because he is the leader of the dems), Durbin (IL) (he is the vice leader), Milkuski, Sarbanes (Both from MD), and Dayton (MN). The rest I could care less about. Even Chuck Schumer since he helped throw Paul Hackett out of the Ohio senate race. Sarbanes and Dayton are retiring this year so I hope their replacements have much more BACKBONE!! My two picks for their replacements are Kwesi Mfume for Sarbanes and Ford Bell for (MN). But, because it seems like the DLC (Democratic Leadership Committee) is controling the primaries. I call them the Dumacratic Losership Comittee. I believe this because it was them I believe that helped make the decision to throw out both Hackett in Ohio, Patty Wetterling in MN, and making the senate nominee for NJ Robert Mendez. I look at the Democratic senate camkpaign website and Rosiland Kurita is not even mentioned in Tennesse and I know she didn't drop put yet. But Harldo Ford is mentioned. THIS IS VERY ANNOYING!!! I really hope that the next session of the senate has stronger members.


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