Saturday, December 02, 2006

New House of Reps rules made by Nancy Pelosi

The Jim webb sory is on Just put Jim Webb in the search engine
Now many have said there are no difference between democrats and republicans
Denis Hasert, the former Republican Speapker allowed lobbyists into congressional floor.
He threw the democrats and CIndy Sheehan in the basement when they wanted to find out about the downing street memo.
Congressman James Sensbrenner, Republican, shut off mics when the democrats wanted to debate the patriot act.
Many voices votes, with no record of the vote on the net, would happen in favor of the republicans whether they were in the majority, at the time of vote, or not.
They would sneak special incentives into legisation, that favored corporate interest, after the final vote was cast.
The republicans accepted gifts from lobbyists
They got free travel of corporate paid jets.
Bascally party time on tax payers dollar.

Now it will be a democratic house of reps under the authority of Nancy Pelosi

1/No House member may accept any gift from any lobbyist, a firm, or a association that hires lobbyists
2/No free travel which means an end to corporate paid jets to home districts
3/No free tickets to red skin games
4/No special interest projects on unrelated house legislation
5/All bills will be made to the public a full 24 hours before the final vote
6/lobbyists will not be allowed to use the house gym or the house floor for last minute arm twisting
7/No house member or staffer will be able to negotiate for employment, in the public sector, without disclosing to the house ethics committee
8/All of this will be audited and investigated by an office of public integrity and that office reports directly and only to the US attorneys office

So my question is what can the republicans do for fun


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