Monday, October 02, 2006

Habeas Corpus is now suspened

The Military Commissions Act Suspends Habeas Corpus
The Military commissions Act gives the President the right to put anyone in Jail that he wants if he feels they are a “enemy combatant” and they can be held indefinitely. Habeas Corpus says that the government can not put you in jail without a trial to prove either your innocence or guilt. The military commissions act basically throws away the right to a trial and has been passed by both the house and the senate.
Most of the republican Majority and 34 democrats, in the House of Representatives. Here are those democratic traitors.
1/Andrews of NJ
2/Barrow of GA
3/Bean of IL
4/Bishop (GA)
5/Boren of OK
6/Boswell of IA
7/Boyd of FL
8/Sherrod Brown (OH)!!!!!!!!! (Yes the same guy running for the senate) Paul Hackett would have never done this.
9/Chandler of KY
10/Cramer of AL
11/Henry Cuellar of Texas (figures)
12/Davis (AL)
13/Davis (TN)
14/Chet Edwards of Texas (Maybe you deserve to lose your seat to Van Taylor)
15/Etheridge of NC
16/Harold Ford Jr. of Tenn. !!!!!! (Yes the same guy running for the senate) State Sen. Rosiland Kurita would have never done this
17/Gordon of Tenn
18/Herseth of SC
19/Higgins of NY
20/Holden 0f PA
21/Marshall (GA)
22/Matheson Of UT
23/McIntyre of NC
24/Melancon of LA
25/Michaud of ME
26/Moore (KS)
27/Peterson (MN)
28/Pomeroy of ND
29/Ross of AR
30/Salazar (CO)
31/Scott (GA)
32/Spratt of SC
33/Tanner of Tenn
34/Taylor (MS)

Also 7 republicans voted with the democratic minority, in favor of Habeas Corpus.
Here are those decent republicans
1/Bartlett (MD)
2/Gilchrest (MD)
3/LaTourette (OH)
4/Leach (IA)
5/Moran (KS)
6/Ron Paul of TX (He is my favorite republican congressman)
7/Jones (NC)

In the senate 12 democrats voted with all Republicans except Lincoln Chaffee (RI), who voted against it and Olympia Snowe (ME), who didn’t even vote probably because she is up for reelection (coward). Here are those 12 traitors
1/Tom Carper (DE) figures
2/Mary Landrieu (LA) this woman said the American public are tired of bonehead republicans. You know what else we are tired of, you bitch, Complacent Democrats!!!!!
3/Frank Lautenberg (NJ)!!!!!! I thought he was an ok guy. I guess I was wrong.
4/Joe Lieberman (CT) figures I hope Ned Lamont kicks your ass.
5/Menendez (NJ) !!!!!! Rep. Frank Pallone wanted to run for the senate when John Corzine became the Governor of NJ but dropped out after Menendez was appointed by the previous Governor of NJ. Pallone voted against this in the house and he would have been so much better.
6/Bill Nelson (FL) I said it once and I will say it again there is almost no difference between him and his opponent Katherine Harris except that she has no respect for the right to vote and he does.
7/ Ben Nelson (NE) figures
8/Mark Pryor (AR) figures
9/Jay Rockefeller (WV) disgrace to your family name
10/Salazar (CO) figures
11/Debbie Stabenow (MICH) !!!!! You bitch!!
12/Johnson (SD) figures

Oh it is so hard being a democrat
If we had a democratic majority this would have never happened!!


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