Sunday, November 19, 2006

The new senators

The new senators
Sherrod Brown of Ohio
Democratic Senators Schumer and Ried choose this man over Iraq war Vet Paul Hackett to be the democratic Nominee. They pressured him out by cutting off his funds. I am still pissed off about this. Sherrod Brown was a congressman of Ohio’s 13 district. He voted for THE MILITARY COMMISSIONS ACT!!!!!! I HATE THIS GUY!!!! I called his campaign office and told him he should repeal this act. I hope everyone in Ohio demands him to do it too.
Ben Cardin of Maryland
Another congressman who the people of Maryland choose over Kweisi Mfume who is from the NAACP. Ben voted against the Military Commissions act but he also voted for patriot act renewal. This guy sucks too.
Bob Casey Jr. of Penn.
I don’t know much about this guy except that he is a pro-life democrat. We will see what this guy does after he is sworn in.
Amy Kolbuchar of MN
She seems pretty strong. Again we will have to see what she will do after she is sworn in.
Sheldon Whitehouse of RI
He is very strong. I did like his primary challenger Carl Sheeler who had a billboard “Be Patriotic. Impeach Bush. I hope he is still this strong in the senate
Jon Tester of MT
This guy wants to repeal the patriot act. I am not sure if we can get that through the senate but I like this guy already.

Jim Webb of VA
He is Ronald Reagan’s former Naval Sec. He is a Vietnam vet. He has a son in Iraq. He totally believe he will be dedicated to getting his son and the rest of his troops home.

Bernie Sanders of VT
He will be the only independent senator. He is a socialist. I call him a honorary democrat because he always voted with the democrats when he was in the house. I think this guy will be a great senator.

Claire McCaskill of MO
She seems to be a moderate since I heard she would have voted no on Sammy Alito but she would not have filibustered. Lets see what this woman does when she is sworn in.

Bob Corker of TN
The only new republican senator. Your typical Nazi. Had the DLC let Rosiland Kurita run for the senate and win the primary to become the democratic nominee, the democrats would have run. No lets go with Harold Ford who supports Patriot Act renewal and the Military Commissions Act instead. As much as I don’t like Corker, maybe this will teach the DLC to let a liberal run for the senate. Yeah right.

The senate will be 51 to 49 in favor of the democrats. Unfornately we have to count Joe Lieberman again. I hate that. It will be a long two years.


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